Fire Chief:                 William Campfield

Deputy Chief             Michael Blevins, ​NREMT
Assistant. Chief         Cody Whitfield, ​NREMT
Captain                     Jesse Cook  

Lieut. 19 / Chief Eng.:   Sal Dipippa

2021 Line Officers

​2021 Fire Company Officers

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President:                          Ethan Hughes
Vice President:                  Jordan Moyer
Recording Secretary:        Alexis Thompson
Financial Secretary:          Kendal Moyer
Treasurer:                         Michael Blevins

​Apparatus Crew​

Please note, if you are trying to contact one of our members via email, please allow a few days for us to respond.  If you need to speak with someone sooner, you may still email, just also call the fire house and leave a message (610) 369-1800.

Fire Police Officers

Fire Police Captain:     Steve Erkert 


Jeffrey Dragan                Firefighter/Driver

Lauren Dragan                Firefighter​

Katie Groff                      Firefighter/NREMT

Lucas Groff                     Firefighter/NREMT

Terry Herbst                    Firefighter
Ethan Hughes                 Firefighter/Driver

Josh Minner                   Junior Firefighter

​Troy Minner                    Firefighter/NREMT

Brian Moyer                   Junior Firefighter

Courtney Moyer             Firefighter
Jordan Moyer                 Firefighter/EMT

Kendal Moyer                 Firefighter/NREMT

Ryan Moyer                   Firefighter
Taylor Moyer                  Firefighter

Tony Schwenk               Firefighter/Driver
David Spohn                  Firefighter/Driver
Alexis Thompson           Firefighter