Tanker 19

Brush 19 is a 2008 Ford F-350 4x4.  This truck replaced our 1995 Chevy brush unit which was sold to the Union Fire Company of Bethel, Berks County in 2008.  The truck is equipped with a 250gpm Pump and carries 200 gallons of water along with a compliment of brush firefighting tools.  This truck is our first out truck on all brush fires, trees and wires down and other misc. calls.

ATV 19

Attack 19 is a 2019 Ford F550/Vengeant Mfg Mini-Pumper.  The truck replaced our 2010 Pierce Arrow XT which was sold to the West Liberty Vol. Fire Dept. in West Liberty, West Virginia.  Attack 19's primary purpose is vehicle accidents and medical assist calls, among many other misc. call types.  The truck is equipped with stabilization equipment, high angle rescue ropes and rigging, back board, A.E.D., medical bag and oxygen.

The Attack is also our third out truck for structure fires, the idea is that this truck will be a water supply engine to fill Tanker 19 while Engine 19 responds to the scene.  The truck has full firefighting capabilities in the event Engine 19 is out of service or on another call.  It's equipped with a 1200gpm pump and carries 300g of water along with 25g of class A foam.  The truck seats 5 with 3 air pack seats and carries various firefighting hand tools.  This is the first Mini-Pumper our company has ever owned.  The idea of purchasing a mini-pumper has been tossed around for years and almost came to fruition in 2010, but a full size engine was purchased instead.  10 years after the purchase of that engine, we realized it was being under utilized due to its size and decided it was time to pursue the purchase of a mini-pumper.  This truck will be ideal to respond to many calls that do not require the response of the larger apparatus.  

Engine 19

Tanker 19 is a 2022 Pierce Enforcer. The truck replaced our 2005 Pierce Tanker which was sold to the Milroy Hose Co. No.1 in Mifflin County, Pa..  Tanker 19 is equipped with a 1250gpm pump and carries 3000g of water, 500 gallons more than the 2005 which makes it the largest tanker, by volume, ever owned by the company.  The truck seats 7 with 5 of those equipped with SCBA (air packs). The truck is equipped with 2 - 200ft, 1 3/4" cross lays and carries 1000ft of 5" and 400ft of 3" supply line.  2 - 6" x 10ft hard suction hoses are mounted on either side of the truck.  2 - 10 inch newton pneumatic dump valves are located on either side of the truck with controls in the cab and at the rear of the truck. One 10" Newton manual dump valve is located on the rear.  A 3000g porta pond is located on the driver side in a Zico automatic porta pond rack.  With the dark back roads of the area, high-vis LED lighting was added to all four sides of the truck which may be controlled individually or all at once with the push of 1 button. This truck serves as our second out truck for structure fires, within the township, following Engine 19.  This truck participates in the Zone 5&6 Tanker Task Force.  The "3000 Gallons"  lettering on the cab is a throw back to our 1990 Pierce 2500g Tanker.  The 1990 was the largest tanker purchased by the company at that time and had similar lettering saying "2500 Gallon"

ATV 19 is a 2011 Polaris Ranger 6x6.  This is the first ATV for our company and has really proven itself as a diverse piece of equipment.  The primary function of the ATV is brush fires but is also easily used to transport sick or injured patients from hard to reach areas.  The ATV is equipped with a Kimtec Research Skid unit which includes a 50gpm pump and 70 gallons of water.  Within the first year of purchasing the ATV, it assisted with one of the largest brush/forest fires to hit Berks/Chester Counties in recent memory.  On April 10th, 2012, a downed wire would start a fire at French Creek State Park that would grow to over 700 acres.  ATV 19 assisted in the fire fight over 2 separate days and one 12 hour night shift.

Current Apparatus

Brush 19

Brush 19-1 is a 2019 Ford F-250.  The truck replaced our 2008 Ford F350 which was involved in an accident in March of 2019..  The truck is equipped with a 250gpm pump and 150 gallons of water along with a multitude of brush firefighting tools. The truck was purchased and upfitted by 911 Rapid Response out of Annville, PA. When the fire company members decided not to repair the 2008, the decision was made to replace it with a new truck that was mostly identical in function.  With that, we knew what we wanted and began making phone calls.  911 Rapid Response was able to source the exact truck we wanted, complete the upfitting of the light bar and all other emergency lighting and also letter and stripe the truck through Mark-It Graphics, a division of 911 Rapid Response.  The truck was delivered just 5 weeks after ordering, the skid unit was reinstalled in the back of the truck the same night we received the truck and Brush 19-1 was back in service.  Brush 19-1 serves as our second out apparatus for brush fires.  The truck is also used for various other functions including personnel transport, traffic control and towing the ATV Trailer.  In the winter, the fire pump and tank are removed and the truck is used as a general purpose utility unit.  The truck was originally equipped with the skid unit from the 2008.  That skid unit was purchased new in 1997 and installed on the 1973 Jeep and subsequently the 2008 Ford.  A year or two after the 2019 Ford was placed into service, the company applied for a PA State DCNR Forestry Grant for a new skid unit.  We were awarded the grant in July of 2021 and Wild Bear Fire out of Shanesville, PA was contracted to build a new 250 gpm, 150 gallon water tank skid unit.  The skid unit is equipped with 2 Hannay hose reels which each holding 300 feet of 5/8" hose.  The 1997 skid unit was placed up for sale.

Engine 19 is a 2015 Pierce Saber 4x4 Engine.  The truck is equipped with a Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS), 1250gpm pump and 750 gallons of water along with 30g of Class A foam.  The truck is used as our first out apparatus for all structure fire related calls.  This truck replaces out 2001 Pierce Saber 4x4 that was sold to Jons Mid America Fire Apparatus, which in turn sold the truck to Summit Fire and Medical Dept. outside of Flagstaff AZ.

Attack 19

Brush 19-1