Spring like temperatures have seemed to kick off an early brush fire season. While we’re all eager to get out and start our spring clean up, it’s important to remember a few things before doing any open burning.

Burn in a pit or barrel: A cement block burn pit or barrel will help control your fire, but it’s also important to clear the area around the pit or barrel of any combustibles, including leaves, twigs, ect. ect. Be sure you burn well away from any woods/tree lines and structures.

Consider the weather: A sunny day with low humidity and a light breeze can dry out leaf litter and ground cover in a matter of hours creating prime conditions for a fire to spread. Do not burn on a day with windy or even breezy conditions, a light breeze can carry embers off and drop them yards away into unsafe conditions.

Keep a garden hose or water source close and keep the size of your fire manageable: Also consider your neighbors; smoke from your controlled burn may drift towards their home and with some of these spring like days they may have a few windows open.

We have been dispatched to over a dozen brush fires in February alone and all have been started in part by some of the reasons listed above.

Welcome to the official website of the Earl Township Vol. Fire Co. No.1, located in Eastern Berks County, Pennsylvania.  Our company serves the residents of Earl and Pike Townships and provides aid upon request to many other local municipalities

Following the orders laid out by the Governor, our social hall will be unavailable for rental until further notice. While it important to protect those who would attend an event at our social hall, it is also important to avoid the possibility of bringing the virus into our building in general.  A decision to make our social hall available may not come as soon as government restrictions are lifted.  Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

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February 28, 2020

Reminders when open burning

Social Hall Rentals have been suspended

Order online or see any of our firefighters!   Orders must be received by August 1st and must be pre-paid.  Hoagies will be available for pickup at our station on August, 8th from 11am - 2pm.

We no longer fill pools

Eastern Berks Fire Dept. is still filling pools, their number is (610) 845-2877, leave a message.